Material Culture and Objects


Simple Machines
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Explore simple machines at the Royal BC Museum! Find examples of simple machines in the museum’s collections and galleries. If you can’t get here in person, you can find Royal BC Museum examples of simple machines here on the Learning Portal.
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Family:  Bonds and Belonging (Grades 9-12)
British Columbia’s history is filled with stories of families—families of all shapes and sizes; families that have been here for thousands of years and families that have come from almost everywhere in the world. Together, we shape our diverse province. (Grades 9-12)
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BC’s Gold Rush
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In 1858 word of gold rang out in the Fraser Canyon, setting off a dramatic migration of people and propelling this once remote region of western North American into the modern age. What can you discover about BC's gold rush?
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Tradition in Felicities
Canada’s oldest Chinatown is in Victoria, BC. The Royal BC Museum exhibition Tradition in Felicities used video, photographs and the written word to celebrate the community of this national landmark. Teachers look for lesson plans in Watch!
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The Royal Treatment
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The role of the British Crown in Canada is mainly ceremonial, but the lieutenant-governor still plays a key part in the governing of British Columbia.
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Can You Dig It?
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Archaeology tells us that Indigenous people have been here a very long time. Evidence such as artifacts, house remains and animal bones are held in the Royal BC Museum collection.
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