The Learning Portal is the place for learners of all ages to explore British Columbia’s natural and human history through the Royal BC Museum collections.

The Learning Portal has four main gateways:

Pathways are the heart of the Learning Portal. Each pathway is comprised of a subject overview and a series of actions that connect you to the subject in different ways. Depending on the pathway your options are to:

  • Read (written articles and online resources)
  • Watch (videos)
  • Listen (to sound files)
  • Look (at images)
  • Meet (museum staff, explore expert voices on this subject)
  • Teach (activities and teaching resources)

Learning Portal Instructional Video

Credit: RBCM

This is Just the Beginning

New pathways, educator resources and additional features will be added as the Learning Portal continues to grow.


We would like to thank the BC Ministry of Education (especially Irene Guglielmi and Connie Cirkony) and Open School BC for their input and support of the development of the Learning Portal.

Thank you to Nanaimo teacher Mary-Lyn Epps for inviting us into her inquiry-based classroom. Thank you to the very busy teachers, librarians and educators in our Advisory Group who took the time to comment on early versions of the Learning Portal. Advisory Group members represent many regions across the province, including the Peace, Thompson-Nicola, Kootenays, Okanagan, Vancouver coast and mountains,  Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands regions. Their expertise is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to Brad Cunningham, Kim Rutherford, Paul Britton, Lisa Reed, Dale Martelli, Ken Lees, Holly Mair, Anita Roberts, Donna Collett, Doug Van Sickle, Kevin Flesher, Ruth Bowman, Virginia Ivey, Nancy McAleer,  Kaitlyn Vardy, Mari Martin, Amy Dawley, Karen Sharkey, Ellen Wu, Lisa Hoskins, Alyssa Polinsky, Patricia Eaton, Jennifer Windecker, Tiana Farran, Irene Guglielmi, Sharon Herbert, Connie Cirkony, Adrian Hill, Mike Sherman, Tammy Anderson, Linda Harris, Sukaina Jaffer, Neil Powell, Cindy Sutherland, Marianne Minken, Tom Lupton, Lucie Ferrari, Sonja Van der Putten,  Stephen David, Denis Drapeau, Mary-Lyn Epps, and Natalie Fouquette.

Thank you to Teck and an anonymous donor for their generous financial support.