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Learn about this extraordinary community on Vancouver Island, established in 1917 by a man named Mayo Singh.

Landscapes of Injustice
This pathway examines the displacement and dispossession of thousands of Japanese Canadians in Canada in the 1940s.

Hope Meets Action
This pathway is connected to the exhibition Hope Meets Action: Echoes Through the Black Continuum. The exhibition and pathway explores the connections between historical and contemporary Black experiences throughout BC.

Orcas are embedded in human culture, from the screen to aquariums, mass media has shown the world the beauty of this species and how human behavior controls their fate. There is so much more for us to learn about orca culture and what they need to survive.

Glass Sponges
Dive into the world of ancient deep-sea biodiversity hotspots called glass sponge reefs.

BC’s Mountain Dinosaur
Almost 50 years ago a geologist found dinosaur fossils in northern BC. Today those fossils are in the Royal BC Museum collection. Curator of palaeontology Dr. Victoria Arbour studies those fossils. Find out about her exciting discoveries!

Diving Deep – Marine Mammals of BC

Diving Deep – Marine Mammals of BC

If we dive deep into the waters off the coast of BC, we’ll find a world of sea mammals: whales, seals, sea lions, otters and dolphins. These intelligent and often social animals can tell us a lot about the ocean. In this tour, we will explore how they live, how they interact with each other,…

Amazing Adaptations

Amazing Adaptations

Plants and animals have features and behaviours that help them survive. Learn about some BC plants and animals and the amazing ways they survive and thrive in our local environments through this snapshot visit to the natural history gallery. Digital Field Trips are inquiry based and staff led. We can adapt Digital Field Trips for…

Dennis Duffy

Dancing Girls

Dennis Duffy
Young Gladys DeWolf and her friends give a dance recital in the back yard, filmed by her dad Allan in Cranbrook, BC, in about 1926.