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Birds of a Feather
Explore the museum's bird collection. Learn how to help birds through citizen science.

Vietnamese Canadian Experiences in BC
Through the perspective of Vietnamese Canadian artist Chrystal Phan and others, we take a closer look at the journey of people who came to Canada from Vietnam as refugees and settled in British Columbia in the years 1979–80.

Bats of British Columbia
There are 15 species of bats in BC. Which ones live near you? Find out how important bats are to people and the world we share with them.

Learn about this extraordinary community on Vancouver Island, established in 1917 by a man named Mayo Singh.

Landscapes of Injustice
This pathway examines the displacement and dispossession of thousands of Japanese Canadians in Canada in the 1940s.

Hope Meets Action

Hope Meets Action

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This pathway is connected to the exhibition Hope Meets Action: Echoes Through the Black Continuum. The exhibition and pathway explores the connections between historical and contemporary Black experiences throughout BC.

Dr. Ken Marr

Native Plant Garden

Dr. Ken Marr
Plants produce many chemicals that aid in their defence against plant-eating animals (herbivores). Humans use some of these same chemicals as medicine. The Royal BC Museum native plant garden has several interesting examples of the use of plants for human medicine. This Week in History, season 4, episode 10. Published on Nov 19, 2015.
Colleen Wilson

A Vice-Regal Mystery

Colleen Wilson
Curator of History, Dr Lorne Hammond and Textile Conservator, Colleen Wilson, write about the mystery of Lieutenant-Governor Robert McInnes’s uniform.