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Historical Thinking Winter Institute 2019

This playlist collects Learning Portal resources to support sessions at the Historical Thinking Winter Institute at Royal BC Museum February 15 & 16, 2019. It also supports activities or lessons you can do back in the classroom or wherever you work, including primary sources from BC Archives and suggestions on how to investigate these sources with learners. Also see T2C .

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Learning Portal on Chek TV!

This short video is part of the Royal BC Museum This Week in History series on Chek TV. It was recorded in fall of 2018. It gives a brief overview of what the Learning Portal is about and some of the technologies we are using to improve your experience here on the Portal.

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Bowker Creek Restoration

OB16's informative view on the significance of the Bowker Creek watershed restoration! Starting this project we asked: What is the importance of restoring Bowker Creek?. Hope you enjoy!

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Heritage Inquiry Toolkit

Heritage Inquiry Blueprint, timeline and useful resources compiled by Sarah McLeod and Sarah Isbister. We have put this resource together to support our colleagues embarking on Heritage Inquiry and Heritage Fair projects with their students. Access the document here  

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How do Riparian Zones benefits streams and Wildlife

In this playlist ,we will be writing about Riparian Ecosystems affect a streams water quality, health, and the biodiversity. A Riparian ecosystem is interesting because it has both land and Aquatic organisms. This biodiversity creates alot of benefits for the ecosystem, and the organisms in the Riparian zone. We hope you enjoy.  

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How Did The Indigenous Use Their Native Plants?

There are many native plants around a riparian ecosystem like the Bowker Creek, but what did the Indigenous use them for? See for yourself different native plants and what they were used for.

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Species of Victoria's Beaches

  This playlist highlights a few of the different species of wildlife that can be found on the beaches and in the tide pools of Victoria. You will see many videos and pictures of the unique and fascinating creatures . You will learn about these creatures, their diet, appearance, certain beaches you can find them at, and a few interesting facts.

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What ways can British Columbia's native plants be used for?

Other than the fact that some of these native plants of British Columbia are edible, most of them have many other purposes that people have used for thousands of years, including natural dyes, medicines, and some other every day uses.  

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I am an Indigenous educator on Vancouver Island.  I am interested in inquiry-based learning, as well as museum education.

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I am an emerging museum professional who believes museums play an important role in their communities by inspiring learning and encouraging a meani...

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