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Crossing Cultures and Healing: A Totem Pole Project

The Royal BC Museum, along with The BC Ministry of Health and Timberwest, have collaborated to create the Crossing Cultures and Healing Totem Pole Project. Tsawout Carvers, and brothers, Tom and Perry LaFortune have designed and are carving a pole on site at the Royal BC Museum.

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Species Journals

We've been spending lots of tine outside hiking around saturna... this week our class started species journals: doing field sketches and then using field guides to identify the plants. check out a link to the learning portal:

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Adaptations of Bowker Creek's Organisms

Oak Bay High School

What adaptations allow the organisms living in and around Bowker Creek to flourish? What traits make these species successful? Specialized plants and animals live all throughout the Bowker Creek water shed, ranging from tiny plants to birds of prey. All of these organisms have adaptations that allow them to survive and foster the next generation.

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Bridging Victoria: Experiencing the Exhibit

University of Victoria

This playlist documents the making of the exhibit Bridging Victoria: Stories from the Archaeological Past, and how the event unfolded on the day (Nov 25, 2017). These projects were carefully crafted by University of Victoria anthropology students to share three local archaeological sites through one-of-a-kind, hands-on and immersive experiences.

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Restoration Of Bowker Creek

Over the last several years, the Bowker Creek area has undergone a restoration. Lots of hard work and dedication has gone into this project and still continues to today. The students of the adjacent Oak Bay high school have something to maintain and care for, and in return, they have a wonderful learning area and a fair test of responsibility.

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Archival Documents: The Dispossession of Japanese Canadians

University of Victoria

The BC Archives holds many documents that relate to the dispossession, internment, and exile of Japanese Canadians in the 1940s. Our playlist contains documents recently uncovered by Landscapes of Injustice research assistants and images that have been digitized in previous efforts.

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Salmon at Bowker Creek

Oak Bay High School

What would it take for salmon to return to Bowker Creek? Take a look at what is preventing salmon from living in Oak Bay, where they once flourished.

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Pollution in Bowker Creek and how it affects Animal Life

Oak Bay High School

The restoration of Bowker creek has been an on-going process for many years. it's currently near completion of its restoration. Unfortunately, human caused pollution is limiting the capabilities of the creek so it can no longer support much of the wildlife it used to house. This playlist will be covering some key points about Bowker Creek

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