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Heritage Inquiry Toolkit

Heritage Inquiry Blueprint, timeline and useful resources compiled by Sarah McLeod and Sarah Isbister. We have put this resource together to support our colleagues embarking on Heritage Inquiry and Heritage Fair projects with their students. Access the document here  

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How do Riparian Zones benefits streams and Wildlife

In this playlist ,we will be writing about Riparian Ecosystems affect a streams water quality, health, and the biodiversity. A Riparian ecosystem is interesting because it has both land and Aquatic organisms. This biodiversity creates alot of benefits for the ecosystem, and the organisms in the Riparian zone. We hope you enjoy.  

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How Did The Indigenous Use Their Native Plants?

There are many native plants around a riparian ecosystem like the Bowker Creek, but what did the Indigenous use them for? See for yourself different native plants and what they were used for.

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Species of Victoria's Beaches

  This playlist highlights a few of the different species of wildlife that can be found on the beaches and in the tide pools of Victoria. You will see many videos and pictures of the unique and fascinating creatures . You will learn about these creatures, their diet, appearance, certain beaches you can find them at, and a few interesting facts.

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What ways can British Columbia's native plants be used for?

Other than the fact that some of these native plants of British Columbia are edible, most of them have many other purposes that people have used for thousands of years, including natural dyes, medicines, and some other every day uses.  

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How Do Riparian Ecosystems Affect Streams

In this playlist, I will be writing about how Riparian ecosystems affect a streams water quality, health and biodiversity. A Riparian ecosystem is interesting because it has both land and aquatic organisms. This biodiversity, creates lots of benefits for the ecosystem, and the organisms in the Riparian ecosystem. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

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Bowker Creek; Water Quality and Effects

Every is ecosystem different, but all require a source of water for the food web to function properly. Water is the lifeblood of existence, and Bowker Creek\'s diverse and interesting riparian ecosystem is fed by it. What is the water quality of Bowker Creek like, and how do the characteristics of Bowker\'s water affect the life that depends on it?   By Ines Ciccateri and Shona Sinclair

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Mushrooms of Bowker Creek

Oak Bay Highschool

  There are over ten thousand species of fungi in North America alone, most of which are decomposers. The fungi category (or kingdom) includes yeast and mold, but in this playlist we will be looking at mushrooms- what they are, the types that grow around Bowker Creek, and how to identify certain species.

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Contributed 1 playlist

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