Fathom the Deep
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Marine invertebrates are animals without backbones that live in the ocean. These creatures make up most of ocean animal life. Learn about the incredible diversity beneath the waves.
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What Has Six Legs?
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The study of insects (entomology) is alive and well at the Royal BC Museum. Go behind the scenes to discover how we learn about the diversity of insect life in this province.
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Not So Scary
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Many people fear spiders but they are rarely harmful to humans and are important natural predators of insects. The spider collection at the Royal BC Museum strives to reflect the diversity of spiders in this province.
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Species at Risk
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We're all in this together. An ecosystem is a natural community. When species disappear it can throw an entire system off balance, with far-reaching consequences for ecosytems, for the planet, and for us. What can we do about it?
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