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Birds of a Feather
Explore the museum's bird collection. Learn how to help birds through citizen science.

Vietnamese Canadian Experiences in BC
Through the perspective of Vietnamese Canadian artist Chrystal Phan and others, we take a closer look at the journey of people who came to Canada from Vietnam as refugees and settled in British Columbia in the years 1979–80.

Bats of British Columbia
There are 15 species of bats in BC. Which ones live near you? Find out how important bats are to people and the world we share with them.

Learn about this extraordinary community on Vancouver Island, established in 1917 by a man named Mayo Singh.

Landscapes of Injustice
This pathway examines the displacement and dispossession of thousands of Japanese Canadians in Canada in the 1940s.

J’aime les mots 2023Staff Playlist

J’aime les mots 2023

Cet album a été créé pour l’événement J’aime les mots, qui se déroulera du 29 septembre au 27 octobre 2023, dans le cadre du volet scolaire des Journées de la culture. Les photographies ont été prises dans les expositions et les collections du Royal BC Museum. Le thème de cette année est la taxidermie. Certains…

Amazing Adaptations

Amazing Adaptations

Plants and animals have features and behaviours that help them survive. Learn about some BC plants and animals and the amazing ways they survive and thrive in our local environments through this snapshot visit to the natural history gallery. Print off the Worksheet and Scavenger Hunt for each student before your digital field trip to…

Dennis Duffy

Harriet Gerry Excerpt

Dennis Duffy
This excerpt is of a film taken by Nurse Harriet Gerry, who worked for the federal Department of Indian and Northern Affairs. The amateur footage of First Nations communities includes scenes of children at play and a family arriving home with a new baby in around 1941.