Mountain Dinosaur of BC

Mountain Dinosaur of BC

From the Royal BC Museum

Curator of palaeontology Dr. Victoria Arbour describes “Buster”, BC’s mountain dinosaur, and how fossil discoveries provide a glimpse into what BC was like 67 million years ago

This new paper officially announces Buster as a new species of Dinosaur! Explore the research and science behind the conclusion of this brand new discovery.

Visit Fossil Finds on the Learning Portal to explore the ancient life of the McAbee fossil beds, which is a snapshot of life about 15 million years after BC’s mountain dinosaur Buster roamed.

Where to Begin Your Own Research

Search the palaeontology collection for online records of fossils housed at the Royal BC Museum.

Learn more about how palaeontology is studied at the Royal BC Museum.

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The Courtenay and District Museum collects, preserves and interprets the fascinating heritage of the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, including significant marine fossil discoveries such as the Puntledge elasmosaur and the tylosaurus. Join a fossil tour, learn how to make a fossil cast and explore the important sites on the Canadian Fossil Trail!

Tumbler Ridge, BC, is one of only three Global Geoparks in Canada. A Global Geopark is a site with geological heritage of international value recognized by UNESCO.Tumbler Ridge has world class dinosaur trackways, a Cretaceous dinosaur bone bed, and abundant Triassic fishes and marine reptiles.

The British Columbia Paleontological Alliance works to advance the science of palaeontology in BC through public awareness, scientific collecting, education and by promoting communication among all those interested in fossils.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum is Canada’s only museum dedicated exclusively to the science of palaeontology.

Dino 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology (designed by Dr. Victoria Arbour) is a 12-lesson course offered by the University of Alberta. It teaches a comprehensive overview of non-avian dinosaurs. Suitable for high school students or superkeen dinosaur fans of any age.