Mountain Dinosaur of BC

Mountain Dinosaur of BC

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Listen to Curator of Paleontology Dr. Victoria Arbour describing the work of a paleontologist and the environment of British Columbia millions of years ago.

Fossil Hunting Challenges

Why is it hard to find dinosaur fossils in BC? Credit: RBCM

BC Fossil Finds

Where have dinosaurs been discovered in BC? Credit: RBCM

Dating Fossil Discoveries

How do you determine the age of fossils? Credit: RBCM

The Story Behind Buster, the mountain dinosaur of BC

How did you first meet Buster, one of the first dinosaurs discovered in BC? How do you study Buster? Credit: RBCM

Climate Change and Plate Tectonics in BC

Describe the home of Buster, BC's mountain dinosaur, 67 million years ago. How does it compare to this place in BC today? Credit: RBCM

Fossil Vertebrate Collection

As curator of palaeontology at the Royal BC Museum, what are you most excited to study and explore next? Credit: RBCM