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Excavating Royal Jubilee

The Royal Jubilee Hospital collection housed at the Royal BC Museum captures a rare glimpse into the dynamic world of 1890s Victoria, from 'modern' medical treatments to children's toys, these are the stories the students from the Department of Anthropology (University of Victoria) researched to showcase the value of historical archaeology in B.C.

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Residential Schools, Colonization & Reconciliation

During my practicum at Gordon Head Middle School, Grade 7 students revisited the topic of residential schools and were introduced to the term 'colonization.' Students applied their existing and new knowledge about residential schools to better grasp the concept of colonization and reconciliation.

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Soundscape Composition Anthropology of Sound 2016

University of Victoria

Original soundscape compositions created by the Anthropology of Sound students of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Victoria to accompany objects, displays and dioramas of the museum's 2nd floor. Their sound compositions were presented during the Happy Hour Press Play event organized by the RBCM on November 24, 2016.

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Family Explorations

My first crack at a Learning Portal Playlist! This playlist explores all things about families in BC.

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The Significance of Storytelling

Storytelling is how histories are shared. Whether it is through song or spoken word, storytelling shapes people and cultures. Explore this playlist to see how people from different cultures have used oral histories to share their experiences.

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Abbotsford School District Writers

Abbotsford School District

Communities come in many forms. This one includes students who share I Am From poems, capturing a slice of their lives at this moment in time. This playlist is still in progress as we add the final poems and share more of the process as well. We invited students from a class in Denmark to join us and their work will be posted shortly.

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Sustainable Agriculture

Reynolds Flexible Studies

The exhibit we have created in the Royal BC Museum, and this playlist is about the importance of sustainable agriculture, not just for today, but for the future as well. Educating people about what they are putting in their bodies, and the impact of mass food production has on our planet is something our group is extremely passionate about.

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The Uncanny Association and the Mysterious Door

Reynolds Secondary School

A group of friends are on a field trip to the Royal BC Museum when they find a mysterious door in Old Town. They open the door and when they walked through they entered a timewarp and are transported to real life Old Town. From there they have a series of adventures throughout time using their superpowers to help (and sometimes hinder) people.

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Grade 2/3 French Immersion teacher, STEM Puns cartoonist, B.Sc. (Biology), and former...

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I am the Digital Intern for the upcoming Royal BC Museum exhibition, "Family: Bonds & Belonging." I studied history and tourism management and ...

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Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of Victoria and historical archaeologist, focussed on the British Atlantic. Special interests includ...

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