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Royal BC Museum Interventions for Change Workshop

This playlist was created to support workshop participants at the BC Museums Association Conference 2017. The session Interventions for Change explored intervention strategies scalable for museums of any size to be used in school programs or special events. Learn about an intervention with the Punjabi community at the Royal BC Museum here.       

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From Insects to Abstraction

Looking closely at insects from the Royal BC Museum entomology collection, teacher Andrew Gibbs led his students in an art activity inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe. Dive into this playlist for activity details and samples of student work. Andrew Gibbs father, Richard Gibbs worked at the museum as a taxidermist. Richard Gibbs with Woolly mammoth below.

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Bowker Creek at Oak Bay High School

Oak Bay High School

The restoration of Bowker Creek in 2015 produced an ecosystem with a winding creek water path, native plant species, and an outdoor classroom, providing educational and natural history opportunities for Oak Bay High school students as well as for members of the community.  

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Something Fishy: Elementary Lesson

This playlist helps give insight to the anatomy of fish and First Peoples' knowledge and relationship with fish. Examine scientific drawings and First Nations artwork of fish and explore how they reflect different interpretations and perspectives of nature.

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Residential School Resource

Universiy of British Columbia

It would be a great to learn about First Nation people by connecting to the land.  Shi-Shi-etko by Nicola Campbell. First Peoples Principles of Learning, "Learning ultimately supports the well-being of the self, the family, the community, the land, the spirits, and the ancestors."    

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Family Diversity


This playlist explores family diversity that exists within our society. In the last two decades, family structures have seen rapid change, moving away from the "traditional" household consisting of a mom and dad. It is important to recognize other family structures, such as single parent families, same-sex parent families, or extended families.

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Excavating Royal Jubilee

The Royal Jubilee Hospital collection housed at the Royal BC Museum captures a rare glimpse into the dynamic world of 1890s Victoria, from 'modern' medical treatments to children's toys, these are the stories the students from the Department of Anthropology (University of Victoria) researched to showcase the value of historical archaeology in B.C.

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Carol McDougall, B.Ed, M.A., is the award-winning author/illustrator of 'A Salmon's Sky View'. She develops educational programs for the Robert Bat...

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I am a Victoria-based artist and aspiring educator with a passion for oral histories and relation-based learning. I'm excited about non-traditional...

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I'm a UVic student currently working with the Royal British Columbia Museum to deliver the Species at Risk Traveling Exhibit all across Vancouver I...

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