Mammoth Proportions

Mammoth Proportions

A Mammoth Project.

The Woolly mammoth diorama in the Natural History gallery at the Royal BC Museum was constructed in 1978–79. The diorama portrays a full-sized Woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) in its tundra setting. This completely fabricated reproduction of a mammoth uses nine muskox hides to represent the mammoth pelt as muskox fur is very similar to real Woolly mammoth fur.  The body shape is provided by foamed plastic blocks carved to the measurements of a skeleton unearthed in 1931 in Illinois. The tusks are plastic reproductions.

Check out the Royal BC Museum’s blog post How was Woolly the Mammoth Made? as it discusses more about this iconic diorama!


From the Royal BC Museum Natural History Gallery. 

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