Great Bear Rainforest

Great Bear Rainforest

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Hibernating Animals of BC

Imagine going to sleep and not waking up for months. This is what certain animals do in order to be safe, dry, and warm during the coldest time of the year. During this session, we will explore animals like bears and marmots, and gently elbow our way (so to speak) into their dens to learn why and how they hibernate. This digital program is designed for Grades K-3

Canada C3

Royal BC Museum curators Dr. Joel Gibson and Dr. Henry Choong participated in Canada C3, a journey from coast to coast to coast that took 150 days. Joel boarded the C3 research ship in Prince Rupert to study insects. Henry studied marine invertebrates. This Week in History: Season 6, Episode 7 Credit: RBCM

Building the Library of Life

In 2018 dozens of ecologists scoured the landscape of Calvert Island, taking DNA samples from animals and plants to add to the Barcode of Life Database at the University of Guelph. From range expansions to new species, there's no telling what these scientists will find! Royal BC Museum Mammal Preparator Darren Copley describes his work in the Hakai Institute 2018 Terrestrial Bioblitz. Credit: Hakai Institute

Ten Ways to Catch Insects

Insects and spiders crawl, fly and scurry over the islands of the BC central coast. But how many species live here? That's what an intrepid group of scientists is trying to find out at the Hakai Institute 2018 terrestrial bioblitz on Calvert Island. Crawlers, flyers and hiders each warrant a different collecting strategy. Here are 10 creative capture methods, including a pooting demonstration by the Royal BC Museum’s Darren Copley. Credit: Hakai Institute

Nothing but Nets

Royal BC Museum Entomology Collections Manager and Researcher Claudia Copley and Mammal Preparator Darren Copley describe their work in the bioblitz. They share how they went about collecting specimens during the Hakai Institute's 2018 terrestrial bioblitz on Calvert Island, BC.     Credit: Hakai Institute

5 Flies of Calvert Island

Here’s a few examples of the incredible diversity of flies found on Calvert Island during the Hakai Institute 2017 terrestrial bioblitz.   Credit: Hakai Institute

Tiny Flies in the Great Bear Rainforest

Join Royal BC Museum curator of Entomology, Dr. Joel Gibson, as he discusses the biodiversity of insects and spiders on the coast of British Columbia. This presentation is from our 2019 Spring Institute: A two day drop in program filled with discussions that highlighted the fascinating findings happening everyday at the Royal BC Museum and Archives. Credit: RBCM