Great Bear Rainforest

Great Bear Rainforest

Borrow an outreach kit for your classroom or library. Students in K-3 will explore the questions: What is a rainforest? Where is the Great Bear Rainforest? What animals live in the Great Bear Rainforest?

Use these worksheets to help your students explore the Great Bear Rainforest outreach kit lessons 1, 2 and 3.

Why are spirit bears white? Print one of each of the colouring sheets (four in total). Colour the forest, water and sky in their natural colours. Leave the bear white in one version of each and colour the bear black in the other. Compare your drawings. Which bear is better at hiding in the forest? Which bear is better at catching salmon?  Artist credit: James Gauvreau

  • Did you know groups can schedule a screening of the Great Bear Rainforest film? Visit IMAX Victoria at the Royal BC Museum or OMNIMAX at Vancouver’s Science World for details.
  • See the film and then visit the Royal BC Museum’s permanent galleries for more curriculum connections. There are many connections between the film and the museum’s exhibits: for example, both showcase Indigenous languages and fishing practices, climate change and recovering species like Sea Otters. How many connections can you make?
  • Royal BC Museum group programs can be booked by contacting:
  • Designed to complement the film, Educator Guide: Great Bear includes eight Learning Plans to extend the film experience back in your own learning space.

Open School BC partnered with The Great Bear Rainforest Education & Awareness Trust to design some fantastic curriculum-linked classroom resources for learning about the Great Bear Rainforest.