RBCM@outside Sharing Nature with Children

by Liz Crocker

On June 3, 2020 RBCM@ outside host Liz Crocker and WildBC Facilitator Stephanie Weinstein from Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation introduced and demonstrated some of their favourite nature activities to share with children, including making pooters! View the program here. Explore the resources in this playlist for more ideas. Look for photos of Dr. Joel Gibson, curator of entomology at the Royal BC Museum using pooters in the field.

Additional helpful links from NatureKids BC:

Life in the Leaf Litter
Life in the Flowers-Pollinators
Backyard Bird Safari – ID Cards for common birds in each region of BC


Listening for Birds
2In 2 playlists
Listening for birds is a skill that takes patience and perseverance. Grace Bell used her skill and love of birds to record British Columbia bird calls and songs.
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What Has Six Legs?
The study of insects (entomology) is alive and well at the Royal BC Museum. Go behind the scenes to discover how we learn about the diversity of insect life in this province.
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Not So Scary
1In 1 playlists
Many people fear spiders but they are rarely harmful to humans and are important natural predators of insects. The spider collection at the Royal BC Museum strives to reflect the diversity of spiders in this province.
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