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Webster Precisely!

Ember Lundgren
Ember Lundgren

Ember LundgrenPreservation Manager

Why did you want to work in archives and museums?

Childhood visits to interesting museums and historical places gave me an appreciation and curiosity about museums and being raised in Victoria the Royal BC Museum was a regular stop for my family.

How did you become a preservation manager?

My career in museums and archives began with volunteering during my university studies. I then went to Eastman House in Rochester, New York (the birthplace of Kodak) and trained in Motion Picture Film Preservation. A temporary position at the BC Archives opened and when it ended I was able to fill another position; photocopying records for clients, not my dream job but it taught me patience and gave me access to many different things. Eventually I was able to become a preservation specialist responsible for the physical care and management of the archival holdings.  Now as preservation manager, I get to focus on a new area of collection care: digital preservation and conversion.

What does a preservation manager do?

As preservation manager, my staff and I work with all areas of the archives and museum to help preserve and make accessible items from our collection.

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