Vietnamese Canadian Experiences in BC

Vietnamese Canadian Experiences in BC

Art with Chrystal Phan - Livestream

Join Chrystal as we look at her family’s story, examine some of her paintings and do a drawing activity together.

Chrystal Phan Tour of Victoria

Between 1979 and 1980, more than 60,000 Southeast Asian refugees resettled in Canada. The majority originated from Vietnam. About half of them were supported in their arrival by private sponsors. Join educator Liz Crocker and artist Chrystal Phan for a virtual walk in Victoria as they look at sites that are significant to Chrystal’s family and other Vietnamese landed immigrants who arrived on Canada’s west coast in the fall of 1980.

Emily Wong on Webster!

Emily Wong came to Canada as a refugee in May of 1979. As a Vietnamese citizen of ethnic Chinese descent, she fled the country to escape persecution. Like Chrystal Phan’s family, she escaped on a small boat from Sóc Trăng and landed on the Malaysian refugee camp at Pulau Bidong.

In this clip from Webster! from September 18, 1979, a caller and the host discuss the different attitudes Canadians have around accepting new immigrants to Canada. Pay close attention to how Webster treats Emily Wong. Do you think it’s appropriate for him to repeatedly correct her pronunciation of the word really? Listen to the argument the caller makes, and to Webster’s responses.

Do you notice any racism in what he says? For example, Webster uses the term ethnic bond to explain why helping people in the United Kingdom is different or more important than helping people from other places. He says that it is “politically acceptable” to help people from the United Kingdom. Webster states that “common sense must be used” when explaining why Canada can’t accept more refugees. What do you think he means by ethnic bond and common sense?

This interview happened more than 40 years ago. Have attitudes about immigration in Canada changed since then?

To hear more of Emily Wong's story watch the entire episode here. Credit: RBCM/BCA, AAAA6809, courtesy British Columbia Television

Learning about Vietnamese Canadian Experiences

Watch this short video for ideas of how to explore this pathway with curriculum connections in mind. Credit: RBCM

This Week In History - Vietnamese Canadian Experiences

Vietnamese Canadian artist Chrystal Phan takes us through the creation of a pathway on our learning portal dedicated to the Vietnamese Canadian experience in BC. Season 11 Episode 24, March 2023 Credit: RBCM and CHEK-TV (2023)