A Living Schoolhouse

A Living Schoolhouse

Primary Documents

  • Prospectus
    Printed on blue paper in gold ink, this prospectus announced the opening of the new school and what parents and students could expect from the Sisters of St. Ann. See a video about the prospectus in the watch section. Explore the look section to see an image of the printing press that was used to make the prospectus.
    Inventory Number: SSA Archives P0329

From the Royal BC Museum

Read about the building history of St. Ann’s Schoolhouse. Learn the steps to build a Hudson’s Bay Company cabin.

Read about the first printing press in British Columbia and first document printed for the Sisters of St. Ann’s Schoolhouse.

Learn about the differences between a Sister and a nun.

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St. Ann’s Academy is a national historic site in Victoria, BC. It is a testament to the dedication of the Sisters of St. Ann who were integral to the beginnings of education and healthcare in British Columbia. It is also the original location of the schoolhouse, which was moved to the Cultural Precinct of the Royal BC Museum in 1974.