A Living Schoolhouse

A Living Schoolhouse

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Virtual Tour

St. Ann’s Schoolhouse is part of the Royal BC Museum’s Cultural Precinct. Click here to experience a virtual tour of the schoolhouse. Once inside, select the small building in the upper top left corner under Grounds Map. Then select from Objects of Interest on the left or use the controls on the bottom of the page to have a good look around. You can zoom in as close as you like, even read the words on the signs!

St. Ann’s Schoolhouse

Archival photographs are a window into the long life of St. Ann’s Schoolhouse.

150th Celebration

View photographs taken in 2008 at the 150th celebration of the arrival of the Sisters of St. Ann to Victoria. Actors re-enacted what the arrival might have looked like.

A Living Schoolhouse

St. Ann’s Schoolhouse in the Cultural Precinct at the Royal BC Museum is regularly used for museum programming.

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