Reading Photographs

Reading Photographs

Primary Documents

Read on for articles about this subject from the Royal BC Museum, research tips and links to other sites.

From the Royal BC Museum

Photographer Fredrick Dally’s story is highlighted to give you more insight into his images.

Where to Begin Your Own Research

Curator of Images, Don Bourdon, searched the BC Archives for evidence about the life and times of Barkerville resident Thomas Robson Pattullo.

The BC Archives contains a collection of approximately five million photographic images.  About 175,000 images have been described and are searchable online and about 80,000 of these have a digital image that can be viewed.

Watch this helpful instructional video on how to search the BC Archives Collection: How-to: BC Archives Collections Search.

Outside Links

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The concept of evidence is explained in more depth with tips and templates at the Historical Thinking Project site

Guideposts to support teachers are explained in The Big Six Historical Thinking Concepts.