Finding Family

Finding Family

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This Week In History - Geneaology

Learn how the BC Archives can help you research your family tree through our extensive records, both online and in person. Season 11 Episode 12, Jan 2023 Credit: RBCM and CHEK-TV (2023)

How-to: BC Archives Genealogy Search

Get started on your family history research now! Learn how to use the BC Archives online Genealogy search tools. Find vital statistics, such as records for BC births, marriages, deaths and baptisms. (Published on June 6, 2017) Credit: RBCM

How-to: BC Archives Collections Search

Learn how to search and find records  in the BC Archives online archives catalogue (AtoM). Published on Jun 6, 2017.

What's Your Story? with Dr. Evan Adams

Credit: RBCM
Follow Dr. Evan Adams as he discovers his family history with the BC Archives. What’s Your Story? Published, June 6, 2017

Family History Research

Archivist Ann ten Cate leads viewers through the basic steps of family history research (genealogy) at the BC Archives. Credit: RBCM

In the video, Ann ten Cate uses a randomly selected British Columbian, George Bevilockway, as a test case. See the look section of this article for more information on genealogy research and the George Bevilockway test case.


Archivist Raymond Frogner

Watch Archivist Raymond Frogner describe his work as the private records archivist at BC Archives. Credit: RBCM


Historic court documents transferred to BC Archives

Watch this video about historic court records that were recently added to the BC Archives. Credit: BC Archives, Province of BC

Sometimes your research will lead you beyond the basic records to archival resources such as court records. These can be revealing, especially if you are researching the black sheep in the family, or someone who was caught on the wrong side of the law.