From The Royal BC Museum 

The Making of Orcas

See the Exhibitions department hard at work creating Orcas: Our Shared Future. The exhibition will be visually stunning, but, as Jana Stefan from the department explains, it must be durable too. Find out how museum exhibitions are created and how they're created to travel, in this episode of This Week in History! Credit: RBCM and CHEK-TV

RBCM@ Outside Saturna Island

Join us for this special RBCM@Outside at East Point on Saturna Island. We virtually journey to Gulf Islands National Park Reserve to meet up with Parks Canada interpreter Athena George for a guided walk along this scenic coastline. We’ll learn about southern resident orcas and Moby Doll, one of the first whales captured for captivity, right off East Point. We’ll also have time for a quick stop at Saturna Heritage Centre. Credit: RBCM

The Loss of Southern Orca Resident J-32

Some of the most magnificent specimens in the Royal BC Museum’s collections are the skeletons of orcas that have died along our coastline. Veronica Cooper has more on the story of southern orca resident J32, nicknamed “Rhapsody”, and her calf. Credit: RBCM and CHEK-TV

Pop Culture and Orcinus orca

Highlights from Dr. Lorne Hammond's discussion on pop culture and Orcinus orca at the museum's annual Spring Institute event on April 13, 2019. Credit: RBCM

Orcas: Art, Stories and Indigenous Knowledge

Royal BC Museum researcher Dr. Martha Black discusses art, stories and Indigenous knowledge about orcas at the annual Research Day event on March 15, 2018. Credit: RBCM

From the BC Archives 

Whales at Sealand

Trainers and orcas develop a close relationship. Tricks and routines develop slowly in stages with clear repeated gestures and whistles tuned to specific orcas. Sealand of the Pacific (1969–1992), near Victoria, BC, billed itself as the wettest show in the world. It delivered. Orcas appeared to select their spraying victims with glee. But there was no mistaking the power, beauty and freedom expressed by the captive orcas themselves. Credit: CHEK-TV Ltd., courtesy of BC Archives AAAA3511 V2009:01/007.01 item #1 Part of PR-1781 Chek TV fonds.

Miracle the Whale

In 1977, a young orca was rescued after being found shot and starving. Miracle was brought to Sealand of the Pacific near Victoria, BC. She was slowly nursed back to health and taught to perform. Sealand was under increasing pressure from local activists to release her. Miracle drowned in 1982. Some say the net holding her in captivity was cut, and she got tangled while escaping Credit: CHEK-TV Ltd., courtesy of BC Archives AAAA3823 V2009:01/009.01 Part of PR-1781 Chek TV fonds.

Webster! Full Episode September 27, 1984

The long-running Webster! show featured the host’s interviews with public figures such as politicians, entertainers and environmental leaders, as well as other British Columbians through call-in debates. This episode explores the proposed expansion of the Vancouver Aquarium orca pool in Stanley Park. If this topic was done today, would interactions between participants be different? What points have they left out? Which questions might be phrased differently? Credit: BCTV, courtesy of BC Archives V1988:25/1519 AAAA7487, V1988:25/1520. Part of PR-1855 Jack Webster Productions Limited fonds.