Objects and specimens can invoke meaningful connections, ideas and personal reflection. Here at the Royal BC Museum, we make sure there’s space for multiple voices and perspectives – it is through diverse points of view that true understanding can emerge. 

In 2019, we had an orca skull replica out on display in our pocket gallery. How would a scientist look at this replica? What would it make them think about? How about a child?

Listen to these particular perspectives from our community, and then consider your own point of view. 

To listen to live orcas, check out OrcaLab’s Orca Live page.

Orca Stories - Anny Scoones (Writer)

Anny remembers the time she came face to face with an orca. Credit: RBCM

Orca Stories - Bente (Museum Volunteer)

Bente tells the tale of going to see the orca Haida as a young girl at Victoria’s Sealand of the Pacific. Credit: RBCM

Orca Stories - Gavin Hanke (Curator of Vertebrates)

Dr. Gavin Hanke talks about the orca collection at the Royal BC Museum and how it is used for research. Credit: RBCM

Orca Stories - Hannah (Student)

Hannah shares how family bonds are one of the reasons why orcas are her favourite species. Credit: RBCM

Orca Stories - Rama (Activist)

Combining her passion for swimming and orca conservation, Rama pushes the government to enforce the Species at Risk Act. Credit: RBCM