Not So Scary

Not So Scary

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Creep, Crawl, Slither

Join curator of vertebrate zoology Dr. Gavin Hanke and curator of entomology, Dr. Joel Gibson for this live program. You'll leave with a new appreciation for animals that creep, crawl, and slither!

Pacific folding door spider

Learn about Pacific folding door spider adaptations in this animated video created for grades K to 1. Credit: RBCM

Streamable Learning Livestream: Creepy Crawl Slither

Join our curators of entomology and vertebrate zoology as we explore the creatures that creep, crawl, and slither through our province.

Alpine Spiders!

Robb Bennett, a phenomenal researcher, educates us about how he documents the diversity of the spider population in BC (over 900 species!), and reveals some secrets about the process. This Week In History - Season 10 Episode 3. Oct 26, 2021 Credit: RBCM and CHEK-TV

Black Widow Spiders

There are almost nine hundred species of spiders in British Columbia, including the Black Widow. They are famous for their bite, but, Claudia Copley, entomology collection manager at the Royal BC Museum, says there is actually no reason to fear the eight legged creatures. From This Week in History Season 6 Episode 8. Credit: RBCM

Spider Myths

Entomology Collection Manager Claudia Copley talks about spider myths Credit: RBCM

Fall Spider Season

October 24, 2014
Royal BC Museum Entomology Collection Manager Claudia Copley joins Sophie and Steve at Global News to talk about fall spider season. Credit: Courtesy Global News