Native Plants on the South Coast

Native Plants on the South Coast

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Educator Hannah Morales created this lesson about different Indigenous uses of plants native to the south coast of British Columbia.

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The First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) published this resource in 2016. It brings together the curricular First Peoples Principles of Learning with the new science curriculum. “Unit 2 Plants and the Connection to Place” (pages 53–78) is a whole section related to native plants. See also, “Guidelines for working with Indigenous Communities, Inviting Elders into your Classroom and Making Connections with First Nations Communities” (pages 13–16).

Wild BC is an environmental education program run through BC’s Habitat Conservation Trust Fund. Wild BC has several excellent resources for educators related to native plants on their website. Check out:

Who Am I?  You can adapt this fun activity to be just about the native plants you have studied in class. Have students each create their own plant identification tag, mix them up so no one is wearing the one they created and then follow the activity steps.

Comparing Trees Lesson

Comparing Trees Worksheet

Tree ID Sheets


Check out your local parks, nature centres and museums to see if they offer programs about native plants in your area.