Finding FamilyWhat stories can you find about your BC family at the archives?

Archivists at the BC Archives randomly selected George Bevilockway’s name as a test case to see what they could find out about this previously unknown British Columbian. They soon discovered who George had been married to, that he had owned land in what is now a provincial park, they even found a photograph of him. A little bit of research brought him to life.

Genealogy is the study of a family history, especially to trace a lineage or branch of a family tree. It has been called the most popular hobby in the world. Creating a family tree requires that you identify who your ancestors are. The further you can trace your ancestors back, the more robust your family tree.

If you have family connections in BC, there may be a story waiting for you in the BC Archives. You won’t find a folder nicely labeled with your family’s name. You’re going to have to think like a detective.

Start your research online. Digitizing archival resources is a work in progress, but many key records are already online available to you for free. You might discover all you need, or some solid clues, just by searching from your own computer.

What stories can you discover about your BC family at the BC Archives?


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