Documents and Diaries

Documents and Diaries

RBCM@Home Queer Lives During WWI

2SLGBTQ+ (Queer) history advocate and founder of the Newfoundland Queer Research Institute, Sarah Worthman, discusses her recent research into the lives of queer Canadians during the First World War. Her report has unearthed never-before-seen records of queer persecution at the hands of the Canadian federal government. By sharing this history, she hopes to showcase the complexities of queerness in this period. 2SLGBTQ+ Persecution in the First World War report -

This Week in History - Season 11 Episode 5: Trench Art

Explore trench art from the First World War with history collections manager Paul Ferguson.

Remembering World War I

Remembering World War I with Royal BC Museum history collections manager Paul Ferguson. Join us as we examine World War I locations that are significant to British Columbians.

RBCM@Home: Canadian War Site in Europe

In this armchair travel extravaganza, Paul Ferguson, history collection manager at the Royal BC Museum and a war historian, will give his dream itinerary of Canadian war sites in Europe including where to stay and maybe even what to eat!

Armistice 1918

2018 marks 100 years since the end of the First World War. Officially declared on November 11, 1918, a new story has come to light about the Armistice celebrations that took place in Victoria—several days too soon. Through a series of photographs in the BC Archives Curator of Images and Paintings Don Bourdon explains how events unfolded in Victoria in November 1918. From This Week in History Season 7 Episode 10.

WWI Nurses

When many people think of the women of World War I, they think of the wives and mothers of the young men killed in the fighting. But there were women who served overseas, some from right here in BC. Braving the horrors of the great war and playing a vital role, more than 2500 Canadian nurses served in World War I. From This Week in History Season 4 Episode 9. Credit: RBCM

This Week in History: Season 6, Episode 10 – Photos of Great War Soldiers and Nurses from BC

Official and candid photographs helped Canadians appreciate the sacrifice made by the British Columbian soldiers and nurses throughout World War One, which has been called “the war of the camera”. Canadian newspaper tycoon Sir Max Aitken (later Lord Beaverbrook) played a significant role in documenting Canada’s heroic participation during the Great War. From This Week in History Season 6 Episode 10. Credit: RBCM

Frank Swannell Diaries

For more about Frank Swannell see the photo gallery about him in look.
Credit: Courtesy of the Royal BC Museum and Archives in partnership with CHEK News

The Great War

Credit: Courtesy of the Royal BC Museum and Archives in partnership with CHEK News

Watch this riveting 2008 documentary film at the National Film Board of Canada website about nurses in the First World War.

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