Documents and Diaries

Documents and Diaries

Look closer. Examine images related to this subject. Click an image to enlarge and see captions. How would you describe the picture?

Nursing Sisters Murney Pugh and Ellanore Parker

Ellanore Parker and Murney Pugh were both nursing sisters who served in France. Examine photographs and documents from their time serving in the First World War. Learn more about their lives and the role of nurses in WWI in watch.

Frank Swannell

The following is a selection of photography and entries collected from Frank Swannell’s Diaries written during the First World War. To view more entries from Frank Swannell’s diaries and to help the Royal BC Museum transcribe important documents from the First World War, visit Transcribe.  View a video about Frank Swannell in watch.

British Columbia 143rd Bantam Battalion

The 143rd Bantam Battalion was created for men who didn’t quite make the regular height requirements for military service during the First World War. This battalion welcomed men 160 centimetres (five feet and four inches) or less in height. 

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