Can You Dig It?

Can You Dig It?

From the Royal BC Museum

Curator of Botany and Earth History Dr Richard Hebda (retired) and other museum staff, such as Conservator Kjerstin Mackie, were involved in this project. Their research helps to answer questions such as where this person had been, what environment he may have lived or travelled in, and what plants he used.

Curator of Archaeology Grant Keddie writes about a common type of archaeology site on BC’s coast.  See look for photographs of shell middens and their features.

Curator of Archaeology Grant Keddie explains microblade technology. 

Curator of Archaeology Grant Keddie describes this rare artifact in the Royal BC Museum collection. 

Curator of Archaeology Grant Keddie writes about childhood experiences that sparked his curiosity and fueled his lifelong interest in ancient human history.

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Where to Begin Your Own Research

Search the Royal BC Museum website for more information and images of the archaeology collection.

Learn more about archaeology at the Royal BC Museum.

This guide will help with research at the BC Archives.