Ben Fast

I am the Digital Intern for the upcoming Royal BC Museum exhibition, “Family: Bonds & Belonging.” I studied history and tourism management and am a fourth generation Victoria resident.



Family Photo with annotations by Grace Crabb
Grace Phipps (right) stands with her mother and brother, Bill. Later in her life, Grace used blue ball point pen to caption many of the her and the family’s old photographs. They appear to be at a cemetery, though it is unknown why. One of Grace's siblings died as a child, perhaps it is this grave they are visiting?

Grace Crabb and her son Donald
This photo shows Grace Crabb (middle) on a boat with her eldest son Donald and her friend Dorris. Grace was not fond of boats, so the picture is unique in that she is on one. It is also ironic that her second son, Wally (my grandfather) lived for over two decades on a boat named after his mother Grace.

Marian Grace Phipps and William Crabb, 1929
This is a photo of my great-grandmother and great-grandfather, taken on their wedding day in 1929. William Crabb married Marian "Grace" Phipps at Central Baptist Church - the first couple married in the new building - in Victoria, BC. Bill Crabb died in 1991, the year I was born. Grace died in 2005, aged 99.
Ben Fast
Ben Fast