Dawson’s Caribou

This taxidermy mount of a Dawson’s Caribou (Rangifer tarandus dawsoni) is part of the Royal BC Museum mammal collection. It is the only mount of the extinct Dawson’s Caribou in the world. It was among the last few shot in 1908 and later given to the museum for the research collection.

Taxidermy mounts usually are used in exhibits, but also have scientific value if they come with detailed information on when and where the animal was killed. Museums tend to have few taxidermy mounts in their research collections because they take up too much room compared to other ways of preserving animals such as tanned pelts, skeletons, and study skins.

View the Dawson’s Caribou on the Royal BC Museum’s 100 Objects of Interest site and learn more about the mammal collection of the Royal BC Museum here.