Royal BC Museum Interventions for Change Workshop

by Liz Crocker

This playlist was created to support workshop participants at the BC Museums Association Conference 2017. The session Interventions for Change explored intervention strategies scalable for museums of any size to be used in school programs or special events. Learn about an intervention with the Punjabi community at the Royal BC Museum here. 




Intervention Interview Questions
Use these questions to inspire and guide you when interviewing to learn more about your audience and help with program planning, hacks and interventions. 

Punjabi Intervention
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Members of the Punjabi community discuss the Becoming BC gallery at the Royal BC Museum, November 21, 2015

Feminist Hack
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Participants at a Royal BC Museum Feminist Hack noted that women are not currently included in the Becoming BC gallery. 

Reynolds School Intervention
Reynolds Secondary School was Royal BC Museum's partner school in 2016. Student work included interventions to interrupt permanent gallery narratives.   

Reynolds School 94 Calls to Action
Reynolds Secondary School, Royal BC Museum's 2016 partner school, created a gallery intervention with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on the 94 Calls to Action.