Oral Histories with Seycove Students

by Julie Gennai

Highschool students from Seycove Secondary began an educational journey at the RBCM. Together we looked at the use of different documentation styles, explored the use of tangible and intangible information in the “Our Living Languages: First Peoples’ Voices in BC” exhibit and finally, conducted an interview with local archivist Dennis J. Duffy.

Sights & Sounds of Seycove Learners
Here's a little video of the incredible Seycove students who joined us at the RBCM as a starting point for their studies in oral history and hands-on documentation. Take a peek at the discussions and activities that spanned their day!

Voices from the Past
6In 6 playlists
Oral history recordings are like time machines. They transport us to the past and help us learn about the people and places of British Columbia. They are uniquely personal accounts of the past from the people who actually lived it. What can you discover about British Columbia’s past by listening?
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Our Living Languages
7In 7 playlists
Did you know BC is a language hotspot? Over 34 distinct indigenous languages are spoken here. Explore sounds, images, words and video about First Nations languages.
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