How can educators use the Royal BC Museum’s Learning Portal?

by Britney Allen

This playlist was created as part of an inquiry project for a course at the University of Victoria in Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary and Middle School Social Studies. It is intended to be an introduction for educators.

Multimodal Learning Resources
Pathways provide a rich array of multimodal learning resources that are compiled by museum staff and other partners. These would be useful for unit planning, and could be used as a starting point for student inquiry. They can be linked to playlists, too. As an example, let's explore the BC's Gold Rush pathway.

BC’s Gold Rush
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In 1858 word of gold rang out in the Fraser Canyon, setting off a dramatic migration of people and propelling this once remote region of western North American into the modern age. What can you discover about BC's gold rush?
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Collaborative Learning
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The Learning Portal can be used to collaborate with museum staff, community members, and other learners by sharing ideas and resources via playlists. Classes could collaborate to create playlists, too. Students could access these later, and know that they have created something that can be used by other learners - how empowering!

Presentation Feedback
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This is the feedback that I received from my colleagues and instructor about the presentation that I delivered in class.