Backyard Exploration

by Jocelyne Lavack

Nature comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be as simple as a backyard or as complex as a mountain range. Take a moment to appreciate your own local green space and native wildlife with these fun activities!

Backyard Bingo
A green space is any area of land in an urban environment that facilitates physical activity or relaxation. This can include parks, sports fields, or even your backyard. Take a closer look at your own local green space with our interactive backyard bingo sheet. Click here for activity sheet.

Native Plants on the South Coast
Learning about native plants can connect us to the places we live. Studying First Peoples’ uses of plants can teach us which native berries are edible and which are not.
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Drawing Nature
2In 2 playlists
With all the choices for recording images these days, the art of illustration is still valued by scientific researchers. Explore the work of gifted biologist and illustrator Dr Hart.
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