What Has Six Legs?

What Has Six Legs?

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Bumble Bees

When most people picture bees they think of honey bees. Honey bees were brought to the west coast only 160 years ago, but BC is home to 459 other species of bee—50 percent of the bees in Canada. Entomology Collections Manager Claudia Copley explains about the habits of BC's bees and what we can do to help make our gardens bee-friendly. From This Week in History Season 7 Episode 7.

Life In The Soil

Beneath the forest floor lies a world alien to human experience. The lives of microscopic soil organisms are revealed in this close-up view of an exhibit at the Royal BC Museum. Credit: RBCM

Seaweed and Bugs

Seaweeds found on Vancouver Island and Gulf Island beaches are home to diverse communities of insects. New research by Curator of Entomology Dr. Joel Gibson is uncovering a hidden world of insects on our coasts, never before found in British Columbia. From This Week in History Season 5 Episode 18. Credit: RBCM

Monarch Butterflies

Since 1997 the Monarch Butterfly has been considered a species at risk in Canada.  Depending on where you live, one of the things we can do to help Monarch Butterflies is to plant and protect Milkweed. Watch the video to learn more. From This Week in History Season 5, Episode 10. Published November 8, 2016.
Credit: RBCM

Entomology: Behind the Scenes

Meet Entomology Collection Manager Claudia Copley and peek behind the scenes in entomology. Credit: RBCM, J. Weller

Dragonflies of BC

Curator Emeritus of Entomology Dr Rob Cannings talks about dragonflies and damselflies. Credit: RBCM