Object-Based Learning

Object-Based Learning

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Everything you need to know about Historical Thinking Concepts all in one website!

This useful website provides teacher resources to develop thinking routines and to help students become better thinkers.

Helpful Books

  • Seixas, P., Morton, T., Colyer, J., & Fornazzari, S. (2013). The big six: Historical thinking concepts. Toronto: Nelson Education.

This book contains guideposts to support teachers to work with Historical Thinking Concepts.

  • Alvarado, A.E. & Herr, P.R. (2003). Inquiry-based learning using everyday objects: Hands-on instruction strategies that promote active learning in grades 3-8. Thousand Oaks: Corwin Press Inc.

This is a book of hands-on instructional strategies that promotes active learning in grades 3 to 8.