Great Bear RainforestTeach

  • Did you know groups can schedule a screening of the Great Bear Rainforest film? Visit IMAX Victoria at the Royal BC Museum or OMNIMAX at Vancouver’s Science World for details.
  • See the film and then visit the Royal BC Museum’s permanent galleries for more curriculum connections. There are many connections between the film and the museum’s exhibits: for example, both showcase Indigenous languages and fishing practices, climate change and recovering species like Sea Otters. How many connections can you make?
  • Royal BC Museum group programs can be booked by contacting:
  • Designed to complement the film, Educator Guide: Great Bear includes eight Learning Plans to extend the film experience back in your own learning space.

Open School BC partnered with The Great Bear Rainforest Education & Awareness Trust to design some fantastic curriculum-linked classroom resources for learning about the Great Bear Rainforest.