Glass Sponges

Glass Sponges

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This Week in History - Season 8 Episode 11: The Fascinating World of Sponges

The invertebrate collection at the Royal BC Museum is home to more than 70,000 animal specimens. There is one section of the collection in particular that is experiencing significant growth, and it’s a type of animal most people don’t know much about: sponges. Sponges are invertebrates with very simple body design. They do not have tissues or organs, but they're crucially important to marine ecosystems. Join Royal BC Museum invertebrate collections manager, Heidi Gartner, to learn more! Credit: RBCM

This Week in History: Season 7, Episode 20: Marine Protected Areas on BC’s West Coast

Invertebrate collections manager and researcher Heidi Gartner talks about the three incredible deep-sea ecosystems that are designated as marine protected areas in BC. Credit: RBCM