Fathom the Deep

Fathom the Deep

From the Royal BC Museum

See the Fall 2014 edition of What’s inSight for Invertebrates Collection Manager Heidi Gartner’s article about tunicates, small invertebrates also known as sea squirts.

Summer intern Rafaela Mendes writes about her work on specimens collected from a hot water community in an area of active underwater volcanic activity. Watch a video about hydrothermal vents here.

Former Curator of Invertebrates Dr. Melissa Frey writes about the significance of museum collecting and research on British Columbia’s coast.

A February 2015 press release describes how glass sponge world expert and Royal BC Museum Research Associate Dr. Henry Reiswig discovered and named a new species of marine glass sponge.


Where to Begin Your Own Research

Try one of our taxonomic keys to help you identify a marine invertebrate. Read the instructions and follow the steps in the left menu under Key Listing.

Taxonomic keys are important tools used by scientists and other investigators to identify species based on defining features. Online, we now have the opportunity to design and use dichotomous keys in a more interactive way. Give one a try!


Outside Links

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Visit this extraordinary website for images, audio and video of ocean life, much of it off the coast of British Columbia.

Check out these gorgeous and educational videos about coastal British Columbia sea life.