Family (Grades K-3)

Family (Grades K-3)

Family: Bonds and Belonging Asks “What is a Family?”

History happens around us all the time, and it's expressed in many different ways. One of the key elements of the feature exhibition Family: Bonds and Belonging (2017) is a very contemporary issue: Victoria’s Tent City. From This Week in History Season 6 Episode 6.

Children Sledding

The Browning children enjoy a snowy day at Britannia Beach in about 1930.
Credit: Courtesy of the Browning Family Collection and the BC Museum of Mining. BCA AAAA1144.

Camping in the 1950s

Have you ever been camping with your family? How are your camping trips the same as or different from this family’s trip? Follow a family’s BC camping trip in 1957 and 1958. First visit Miracle Beach on Vancouver Island and then travel to a provincial campsite at Okanagan Lake.

Credit: BCA AAAA0926

Dancing Girls

Young Gladys DeWolf and her friends give a dance recital in the back yard, filmed by her dad Allan in Cranbrook, BC, in about 1926.
Credit: BCA AAAA1945

Messing about in Boats

Two boys from the DeWolf family enjoy playing in boats—both real and pretend. What pretending games do you like to play?
Credit: BCA AAAA1945

DeWolf Family Fun on Premier Lake

On holiday at Premier Lake in about 1926, the DeWolf family swims, dances and barbecues. What does your family like to do on holiday?  Credit: BCA AAAA1945

May Day in Ymir

In the 1940s, the town of Ymir, BC, hosted large family festivals. Watch some May Day celebrations, including a May Queen pageant and crowning, children dancing around a maypole and a baseball game. These colourful May Day celebrations were filmed by Lester G. Morrell in 1940.
Credit: BCA AAAA5257

This Week in History: Christmas Part 2

Find out about the Bossi family’s Christmas card collection. Find a picture of the Bossi family here. This Week in History, Season 1, Episode 6: Christmas Part 2.
    Credit: RBCM/CHEK