Acknowledging Past Wrongs

Acknowledging Past Wrongs

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Fred Soon was born in 1908 in Canton, China. In 1921, when Soon was just 13, he migrated to Vancouver with his uncle and cousins. On his arrival, Soon was detained in an immigration building for three weeks before he was allowed to enter Canada.

In the following recordings, Soon talks about his experience coming to BC, the conditions inside the immigration building where he was detained, how Chinese migrants were treated by the province, and the state of jobs and education for Chinese migrants arriving in BC during the first part of the 20th century.

BCA T3132:0001 (These audio files were amplified and edited for listening convenience)

Fred Soon Interview - Getting to BC

Fred Soon Interview - Detained at the Immigration Building

Fred Soon Interview - Conditions Inside The Immigration Building

Fred Soon Interview - Chinese Immigration To BC

Fred Soon Interview - Jobs & Education