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Gold Mountain Dream: Chinese Canadian Experiences of the BC Gold Rushes.

At the start of the Fraser River gold rush 1858, the first large group of Chinese people came to BC. They were in search of ‘Gold Mountain’, a fabled land of promise, opportunities and wealth. These miners were known back in China as ‘Gold Mountain Sojourners’. Look through this collection of artifacts to try and find out what life must have been like for a ‘Gold Mountain Soujourner’.

This is an image of a mud silk garment, typical of Chinese miners who came to BC during the gold rushes.
This is an image of a Chinese Taoist fortune telling device.
This is an image of two different types of gold scales and an account book used during the BC gold rushes.
This is an image of a Chinese brass fire pump used during the gold rushes in BC.
This is an image of a Chinese Freemasons manual.
This is an image of a white fan used by Chinese freemasons.
This is an image of Chinese wooden temple bells.
This is an image of tickets for a voyage from Hong Kong to Victoria in 1865.
This is an image of a rose dew wine liquor bottle. The bottle has Chinese labels on the sides.

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