Rachelle Linde

I’m a UNBC student currently¬†working with the RBCM to deliver the Species at Risk Traveling Exhibit all across Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, and into the Okanagan.


What You Can Do & Where You Can Do It

What You Can Do & Where You Can Do It

Too often I've met people who say they feel that they can't make a difference for local species because they don't have the time, resources, or ability to do so. In response to that, I've chosen to create a playlist of British Columbian organizations of all sorts that are willing and ready to help you…


The One with the Trophic Levels
Princeton, BC: To better understand the importance of species that are at risk, we wanted to show our campers how  one species is critical to the survival of so many others. Groups were assigned three creatures (in this case, the northern abalone, the stellar sea lion, and the orca whale) and were asked to demonstrate the connections between them. 

The One with the Bio Blitz
Princeton, BC: To get our campers to really notice their surroundings we had them do a BioBlitz. A Blitz is an activity where everyone independently explores their surroundings and records as many living species as they can. We then move to a different location in search of what might change in our findings depending on the setting. 

Osoyoos Desert Centre
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The Osoyoos Desert Centre is a interpretive facility sitting on 67 acres of endangered ecosystem. Their boardwalk takes you past educational signs and sights and the centre itself is home to wonderful displays of local organisms. By visiting, donating, and sharing the importance of Canada's "pocket desert" you can have a positive impact.

Okanagan & Similkameen Invasive Species Society
In the Okanagan and Similkameen invasive species are having huge impacts on local flora and fauna. OASISS is combating those species through education on prevention, detection and management. We asked OASISS to join our Species at Risk camps in Oliver and Osoyoos and our campers truly benefited from the hands on experience. 

Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve
The Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve boasts trails full of bird blinds and lookouts, and I had the opportunity to explore the Interpretive Center. It houses a beautiful collection of preserved species, a few that not even the Royal BC Museum has in its collection! Get involved as a volunteer, bring your school, or even adopt a Great Blue Heron nest.

Burns Bog Conservation Society
Having grown up in Delta, I've always considered Burns Bog as an extension of my own backyard. The Bog is a beautiful ecosystem that is "globally unique" and at least 400 species of migratory birds have been seen passing through there. With running events, tours, and summer camps, there are many ways to get involved and to learn more. 

Stanley Park Ecology Society
The Stanley Park Ecology Society has opportunities to volunteer with invasive plant pulls, bird monitoring, and the Eco-Stewards Program. They also offer school and public programs and you can always explore the Stanley Park Nature House. Visit http://stanleyparkecology.ca/education/ to find out more! 

OWL Orphaned Wildlife
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If you're looking for a hands on volunteer opportunity in the lower mainland, this is it. OWL is open for tours daily during the summer and also offers educational programs for schools and special events. My volunteer experience there is unforgettable & your's will be too. Check out www.owlcanada.org for more information. 
Rachelle Linde
Rachelle Linde