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Types of pollution at Bowker Creek.
Types of pollution at Bowker Creek:
  • Sewage outflow- bacteria and pathogens
  • Oil spillage
  • Nutrients pollution -wastewater, fertilizers, sewage, etc.
  • Plastic -litter and plastic from the turf.
  • Substances that degrade the aquatic environment
  • Saltwater introding freshwater life
  • Chlorine from swimming pools
  • DDT and other fertilizer chemicals
  • Insecticides and herbicides

How can we restore bowker creek- A pollution solution.
There are so many ways we as a community can help fix bowker creeks and in doing so limit the amount of pollution going into the creek such as use compost not artificial fertilizers, fixing the turf, plastic clean ups, use public transport not cars to reduce excess gas in the air and the oil in the creek.  Together we can create sustainable ecosystems to encourage native plants and animals to find sanctuary in this beautiful creek. Together, we can build a beautiful creek ecosystem that will connect society with the gorgeous nature, we are so fortunate to acquire.

Is the area of the ocean bowker flows into polluted?
One of the main reasons that it's so important to keep the creek clean is because it directly flows into the ocean. If we pollute the creek, we are also polluting our oceans which pollutes our beaches, marine life, etc. The oil that runs of the road into the creek from cars is detrimental to the aquatic species in the creek and the ocean and most of the time, once it's in the creek it's too late and it affects the lives of many innocent ocean creatures.

Story time- How oil affected our childhood
As children, the kids in our neighborhood could often be found in somebody's yard outside playing, running through the fields of kings park or wading through the creek (we have COUNTLESS stories!). It was not only a fun thing to do, but more of a lifestyle in the summer months. In the past couple of years, we would be outside the creek, with the intention of doing some wading, and we would find ourselves disappointed because of the sickening oil spills in the creek. This made us really upset and we wanted to do something about it. We have done many cleanups at the kings park bowker creek and in the past two years, we have been some of the main speakers at the kings park rally. The creek is soooo important to us and we are really starting to see the terrible effects of human pollution.

Oil spills in the creek
Unfortunately, the oil split into the creek is not from one source. Although most of it is just runoff from the roads, multiple oil spills in the creek have been from oil tanks. Most large oil spills are from oil tanks and they usually (luckily) get reported from a community member to the fire department or similar organization because of “the strong smell of diesel”. Cleaning up the oil spills is very labor intensive and takes a long time to a) find the source, b) stop the flow, c) cover the damage and d) prevent it from happening again.

Have any species died yet from creek pollution?
Most of the wildlife formerly found in the Bowker Creek Watershed is no longer present, however the stream still provides habitat for some birds, including eagles, and for river otters and raccoons. Although the otters and raccoons are very rare, they seek out food scraps that have been washed into the water like kitchen scraps or animal food. Unfortunately, many of the aquatic bug species that used to live in bowker creek are no longer present because their pollution tolerance was too low. The water quality conditions also make it hard for many fish species to survive.

What is pollution?
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 Webster- Merriam dictionary states: “the action of polluting especially by environmental contamination with man-made waste.” Pollution can affect the hydrosphere by polluting the water and affecting the marine life and aquatic organisms. Pollution can affect the atmosphere with air pollution from cars, factories airplanes, etc. Pollution can affect the geosphere from burning fossil fuels (offsetting the balance of oil in the ground) or doing other upsetting acts like mining which also offsets the balance in the ground. Pollution can affect the Biosphere because the offset balance in the other spheres affect the lives of the organisms living in that area. This is why pollution is so bad because it's really hard to clean up and dramatically affect the lives of animals and organisms.

Is the pollution better/worse at different creek points?
Many parts of bowker creek flow under the road and this unfortunately means that a lot of drainage from high traffic areas finds its way into the creek. This also means that these parts of the creek are more highly polluted than other areas. The other areas of the creek have a little cleaner water because the contamination has become more diffused and there is multiple small dams in the creek to allow fresher water.

How does the plants in the area affect the water quality?
The plants affect certain factors of the creek because native plants and healthy vegetation help clean water naturally because they generally have deep root systems that anchor soil and act as filters, collecting dirty runoff from streets and rooftops and separating out pollutants while absorbing water and decreasing flooding. Plants complete the carbon cycle, helping natural substances be recycled and decomposed.

Is the pollution worse at different times of the year?
The pollution in the creek is different at different times of the year mainly because of weather factors. An example of this is there is the most pollution during rainy months like fall and spring because garbage, oil, etc gets washed from the streets through the drains into the creek.