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Look closer. Examine images related to this subject. Click an image to enlarge and see captions. How would you describe the picture?

Stanley Fox seated wearing an apron in a photography darkroom.
Stanley Fox posing with a Bolex movie camera. He is wearing a thick wool sweater with a collared shirt underneath. The Bolex camera is black and rectangular in shape and can be held comfortably with two hands. Fox is looking through the lens as though he is filming something.
Six young people seated on a grassy field, trees in the background. One has cream on his face from a scene from the film they are making together.
Stanley Fox and his co-director Peter Varley. Fox is holding a piece of film and both are looking at a frame, determining whether they should include it in their film. The two young men are sitting between two film reels mounted on winders.
In the foreground on the left is a lamppost with a sign marking Hamilton Street. Across the street is a three-storey house. There are stairs on the left side of the house leading up to the second floor. On the ground level, there is a store named Eddie’s Confectionery.
Stanley Fox editing film in the 1960s. Long strips of 16mm film are hanging from clotheslines inside a small darkroom. There are newspapers scattered all over the floor and Fox is peering through the curtain of filmstrips. A film projector sits on a wooden box on the left side.
Cover of a journal belonging to filmmaker Stanley Fox.
Title page of a journal of film reviews belonging to filmmaker Stanley Fox.
Two pages of entries from a journal of film reviews belonging to filmmaker Stanley Fox.
Stanley Fox crouching in the foreground with two of his crew members in the background. One of the crewmen is operating the film camera while the other is monitoring the sound recording through large headphones.
Four gentlemen in suits pose for a photo during National Film Week in Vancouver. From left to right: Archivist Derek Reimer, Provincial Archivist John Bovey, Archivist Dennis Duffy (below), Stanley Fox.
Stanley Fox poses with a large film camera propped on his right shoulder. He is wearing a collared shirt and black pants.

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