Marji JohnsPaleontology Collections Manager (Retired)

Why did you want to become a paleontologist and how did you become the paleontology collections manager?
I was inspired by a great high school science teacher, superior science mentors at the University of BC and the University of Victoria, a family of artists, and a very supportive husband whose computer expertise has been a lifesaver. During my career, I worked for over 17 years at the Geological Survey of Canada followed by 14 years as a geoscience consultant. When I joined the Royal BC Museum at the beginning of 2011, I set my goals to further develop an on-site paleontology facility and collections representing the diversity of fossils in BC and to combine arts and sciences to explore different approaches to learning.

What does a collections manager do?
I work at the most amazing job that has activities almost as diverse as the fossils themselves. I call it my dream-come-true-job where I have the opportunity to work with many talented staff, volunteers, and researchers, where we aim to put together a collection representing examples of the province’s best fossils. Each day has surprises and many a day I now come in expecting to do one thing and something totally different happens that day. Flexibility, enthusiasm and an open mind are good survival tactics!

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Marji Johns, Paleontology Collections Manager (Retired), writes about early life on Earth.