Grant Keddie
Grant Keddie

Grant KeddieFormer Curator of Archaeology

Why did you want to be an archaeologist?
I have always had a curiosity about many things and have a special passion to learn about human beings and other species of animals and our history on this planet.


How did you become an archaeologist?
I studied hard in school and eventually went to university to get a degree in archaeology. I taught myself how to make and use bone and stone tools and did experiments in using them, such as cutting up dead animals with stone knives.


What do you do as curator of archaeology?
I have been curator of archaeology here for more than 40 years. My job includes learning new knowledge about archaeology and discovering new knowledge myself by doing research on our collections. I go out of the museum to discover new things. I help people identify artifacts. I answer questions from members of the public of all ages who teach or work in government departments. I work with educators and exhibit designers to make school programs and exhibits. I write books and articles about our collections and talk on radio and TV programs.