Think Like an Archaeologist – Past Program

by Digital Field Trips

Archaeologists use historical thinking and scientific methods to understand the past. This virtual, interactive learning program with a museum educator explores how archaeologists think and work in the field using images, videos and objects from the Royal BC Museum. Together we’ll explore what archaeology can teach us by practicing the inquiry, analyzing and communication skills archaeologists use when examining objects and landscapes and working with living descendent communities.

Digital Field Trips are inquiry based and staff led. We can adapt Digital Field Trips for different grade ranges, home learners, or for adult, senior, community-group or post-secondary audiences.

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These Playlists include additional resources that accompany these Digital Field Trips. They are continuously being updated, so please check before and after your program for new resources.

Can You Dig It?
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Archaeology tells us that Indigenous people have been here a very long time. Evidence such as artifacts, house remains and animal bones are held in the Royal BC Museum collection.
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