Turning Primary Sources into Plays

by Adriana Ayers

It is over 100 years since the outbreak of the Great War. How do we now construct an understanding of what occurred and how do can we know the issues British Colombians faced both at home and on the Front? The Call Went Out is a theatrical piece based on letters from BC soldiers about their experiences and this playlist will further your learning.

The Call Went Out
1In 1 playlists
Throughout the month of November, Story Theatre Company will be taking audiences on a theatrical journey back to the early years of the First World War. The production uses letters from the front, music of the era, and other archival material from the Royal BC Museum. After the show, actors will stay in costume and encourage audience interaction. 

Primary Source Teacher Resource
We can learn about the past in many ways. This lesson plan has been developed to engage students in inquiry-based learning and offer an opportunity to analyze primary sources without leaving the classroom. Primary sources are original, first-hand accounts of the past and can take many forms. Use this guide to help explore primary sources!