Soundscape Composition Anthropology of Sound Student 2015

by Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier

Listen to the soundscapes composed by the Anthropology of Sound students from the Department of Anthropology at the University of Victoria and you will be transported in another world of possibilities! Students picked one object or a diorama exhibited at the museum to compose their original soundscape.

A Day at the Office
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For my piece, I was inspired by the era and the technologies associated with the office located in the old town area. I used chronological sequence of my own recorded sounds to tell a story that fits the scene of a mortgage broker office from the early 20th century. By Stephen Caravan.

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Mountains have no exact sound. So the environment around them is what gives them their sound; whether that be snow, the wind, the rain or the people interacting with the mountain. By Anna Wilke.

The History of Technology
The soundscape was inpspired by an old computer in one of the exhibits in the Royal BC Museum. The exhibit is home to a number of display cabinets, each one has items from a different era throughout history. By Kaileen McCulloh.

The Cannery Exhibition
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A soundscape that contrasts industrial sounds, or noise as some may perceive it, by playing with the rhythms and layers of machinery. It then transitions into the peaceful sounds of being by the ocean side. By Colleen Lacey.

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My hope with this soundscape was to use calming sounds to give listeners a few minutes of peace and to help them reconnect with a feeling of connectedness with the present.  By Lydia Toorenburgh.

Intertidal diorama
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For me, the sounds illustrate a rainy Spring day at a west coast beach, where you can almost feel the salt-heavy air around you and the sounds of waves crashing become a backdrop to all else. By Erica Rimmer.

Rhythmic Recipe
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If all of space and time were available for one to witness simultaneously or in any order, a kitchen might actually sound like this. This rhythmic recipe, comprised of various kitchen sounds, will save you salivating! By Sam McNally.

Into the wild
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Soundscape inspired by the mountain range from the explorer's exhibit. This is a soundscape that attempts to put visual into the listeners' mind by the sounds they hear. By Thomas Tse.

Tremblay homestead diorama
For the Tremblay Homestead I wanted to create a backdrop of sound. I imagined the exhibit coming to life and thought about the ambiance, and what you would be able to hear if you were out in the countryside. By Martine van der Heever.

Fort Victoria
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When you see the miniature people building Fort Victoria in a glass case at the museum, you get a sense of how small our city really was. Using all original recordings of the modern areas of the old Fort Victoria, I show how far we have come. By Ally Poniedzielnik.

Parliament building
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Inspired by the view of the parliament buildings... It was during the election that I chose this spot. It inspired me to think about the words we say and the sides we pick. By Ava Hoegl.

West Coast forest
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In this soundscape, you can hear the rain, deer sounds, a crow and crunching leaves. I recorded all the rain and walking sounds myself. I wanted to perfectly capture the calming yet mystifying sounds that a boreal forest can convey in Canada, especially BC. By Fraser Hamilton.

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This soundscape creates a journey through a workshop that starts with the entrance into the space, and ends with the listeners' exit. In the background is the sound of handheld tools being used. The story played overtop reflects the tradition of passing tools down within families. By Amy Ayer.