Soundscape Composition Anthropology of Sound 2016

by Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier

Original soundscape compositions created by the Anthropology of Sound students of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Victoria to accompany objects, displays and dioramas of the museum’s 2nd floor. Their sound compositions were presented during the Happy Hour Press Play event organized by the RBCM on November 24, 2016.

Grand Hotel Lobby
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Our soundscape focused on The Grand Hotel lobby based on Nanaimo's Royal Hotel in 1890 The old town reflects the late 1800's growth of British Columbia's economy and society We wanted our soundscape to reflect the sopciety and general ambience that could be found inside the hotel during this time period.

Debris in motion
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The soundscape follows the travels of a Japanese glass float after it has broken free from its bindings and moves its way across the ocean to the shores of British Columbia. As it travels, it bobs in and out of many different cultures and music, but it always keeps the hum of the Ocean.

Tea After Dark
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Based on Nanaimo's Royal Hotel (1890), our soundscape highlights the haunted past of Vancouver Island. Immerse yourself into our historic tea party in "Tea Party After Dark". Listen for the chime of the ancient grandfather clock, he clanking of bone china, and the final haunting notes of the old piano.

Ford in the Shop Museum Display
When approaching this soundscape, I focused on sounds both inside and outside the shop. The car, tools being used, music being played in the background, the mechanic walking about his shop, and the city going on with his daily routine. As points the sound is pleasant in nature while at other points it is almost too loud and hard to listen to.

A Pleasant Noise
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I present you a soundscape with all the noise I made when I listen to music. So you have an idea what my parents used to hear. This sound clip is original, it was all recorded and edited by myself.

Last Breath
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My soundscape includes two different exhibits from the RBCM's Old Town exhibition: the blacksmith as well as the country home are combined with various different sound clips obtained from website to create my project. Last breath is a story formed out of my interest in implementing visual stories through auditory means.

Mountain Solitude
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The soundscape was inspired by the fur trade exhibit, and more specifically, the mural of the mountain range behind it. Mountains seem to convery a sense of stoic, timelessness that continue on after everything else had come and gone.

The Royal Canadian Navy
My soundscape composition is focused on the history of the Canadian Navy, and its effect on our country's natural and social environment. I have taken a special interest in the BC Navy's effect on the West Coast. My goal in this composition is to create a send of natural peacefulness and harmony, which transitions into chaos and destruction.

An auditory audit
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An audio journey into an audit to examine the inner workings of a mining operation. Using mainly industrial noises this audio track represents a journey through the portal, deep into the workings and ends at the new diggings. Many of these sounds were mined from an industrial setting to enhance the experience.

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Aboard is a short soundscape depicting what life may have been like aboard the HMS Discovery and the HMS Chatham. My goal was to create both a natural and metaphorical aural landscape of Captain Vancouver’s voyage, through the use of both edited and raw sounds.

Tea Travel
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Tea travel is a composition of cultural and historical context of teas journey from its origins straight to your cup. From the field it was grown to the boats docking in North America, tea becomes a traveler of sea and land. From every slurp of tea, a feeling of warmth and comfort can be experienced in all cultures.

Logging/Timber Rafting Soundscape
The goal of my soundscape was to recreate the sonic environment that might resemble what a pioneer logger would have heard, and contributed to, at a timber rafting site like the one depicted in he diorama. I was important for me to put the listener "on the ground" so to speak, and I tried, to the best of mys ability, to create a spatial atmosphere

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My goal with this composition is to explore layers: layers of sight, layers of sound, layers of meaning. The repetitive nature of the water wheel and the ever-changing outcome of its cycle inspired me to use subtle variations within my soundscape while maintaining a constant, pulsing foundation.

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For this Chinatown track we decided to portray a modern soundscape of our experience walking around Victoria's Chinatown. As the scenery has changed dramatically over the years, the sonic experience is constantly being reshaped and made anew.

Game Console
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While videogames are an even more prevalent aspect of everyday life today than they were when the Nintendo Entertainment System made its north American debut in 1985, there are particular sounds, social dynamics and rituals that used to take place around video games that are slowly dying out as technology becomes more advanced.

Soundscape – Nintendo
This composition serves as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) original soundtrack of my youth. It is a compilation of my favorite, most played (though not necessarily completed), NES video games scores and sounds. Listen to some of my most fond gaming memories, frantic button presses, and failures!

Thank you Cedar
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A walk through time and place with a basket of meaning. Gratitude to Christine Seymour for the story and to Christopher and Wilfred Thomas of the Kwantlen Nation for the song.